Unit Plan: Child Custody and Support

Child Support

This lesson looks at child custody and the closely related topic of visitation.  Most of the chapter focuses on custody disputes between parents, but it also discusses the legal rights of co-parents, stepparents, and grandparents who are seeking either custodial or visitation rights.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this lesson, students should be able to

  1. Explain the historical background of child custody issues;
  2. Define the legal and physical components of child custody;
  3. Define shared custody vs. sole custody;
  4. Define the best interest standard;
  5. Explain the resolution of custody and visitation disputes, including claims by nonparents.


Read Chapter Five in text. Read Alaska Statute 25.24.150 here.

Watch lecture here.  Watch Alaska Court System video, “Custody and Parenting Plans,” here and “Custody and Parenting Plans Pt. 2 ,” here.


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